Are you travel addicted?

I LOVE TRAVELING and I´m travel addicted! And I´m sure - you love it too! (Otherwise you wouldn´t read this blog...) But let´s find out, if you are really travel addicted and what´s to do in this case?!


1. Traveling makes your heart beats faster

woman traveling with a heart sign

You are in a bad mood, if you are sitting at home and bored at work... But when you are on the road, your heart goes ring-a-ding ding? 

2.. You are in a serious relationship with ...

travel bag from desigual

your rucksack or travel bag? You´re never really unpacked, because it means the end of traveling for you. ( Who wants this?! ) Your friends are married and tell you stories about their children. Every of your stories starts with: "When I was in ... !"

3. Your work is really important to you , 

Travel to Garmisch

because it pays the flights... but you are dreaming of full time traveling and working online? If you have the right ideas and enough power, maybe it´s a plan and not only a dream!

4. Your travel bucket list is a book ...

travel to cappadocia

full of outstanding destinations? People ask you often: "Where the heck is this place?" This makes you not only smile but also proud, because you are a traveler, not only a tourist, who goes every year to the same hotel.

5. You are travel addicted, if you are reading ...

travel to english garden

mostly travel books, magazines and blogs, following a ton of instagram travel accounts and watching all youtube videos about your next destination. While doing this, you are listening to music from different countries and start dreaming and planing again.

6. Home is not a place, but ...

travel to medan

a feeling! You can sleep anywhere, like different kind of food and the fact, you don´t have to cook... You speak different languages and understand foreign cultures. You never miss your "home-apartment", but sometimes you need just a little holidays from traveling.

7. You count the days ...

travel to penang

until your next trip! You are absolutely excited the days before the flight and can´t sleep at night. It´s a feeling like birthday, christmas and falling in love at the same time! And your friends told you more than once: "YOU ARE TRAVEL ADDICTED"!


If you can answer 5 - 7 signs with a yes - you are travel addicted for sure! Your life is amazing, full of adventure and happiness!  

 “Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.” – Roy M. Goodman

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Happy traveling!

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