How to take great self-portraits in 90 seconds?

How to take great self-portraits really fast?

What does it mean "really fast" and what are great self-portraits? 

Everybody knows the answer, right?

Selfie Pills mirror

Fast? YES!  

Great? NO!

Only, if you are advertising Samsung phones, this picture might be great! (This is no #ad) 

Sw s belle

But how can you take such professional looking self-portraits without help of a friend or photographer?

Do you need a very expensive camera? Should you read a book with 437 pages about photography? (I did 🙂 )

No, you don´t have to!

Julia Art blurry portrait

I´ll show you here, how I do it in this short video. For my self-portraits, I use

- a camera (canon 6d mark II) 

- a tripod (cullman)

- remote control (canon)

(Yes, my camera is expensive, but you can start also with your phone on a tripod, I filmed this video with my phone on a second tripod.)

Power of Photography

Some of you may think: "I am not good looking enough, somehow I look always dumb on photos... " 

In the last 5 years I took photos of hundreds of women  - just normal girls like you and me. But when they saw my portraits, they couldn´t believe, how beautiful they were. 

Give it a try and compare your new portraits to your old selfies... Which one do you prefer now? Which one would you post on social media and use for advertising on Instagram or Facebook? Which one would you print and frame?

Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself.

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If you are still having fun with selfies and a big phone in your face, it is fine 🙂 But if you wish to work with brands and represent them on internet, you should put a little bit more work and thoughts into it. In your day job you work 8-9 hours everyday, so maybe it is not too much to invest 90 seconds into a good self-portrait.

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Ginger Smith - 15. Mai 2018 Reply

I have a nice camera but I keep it in „auto“ mode because I don’t have the patience to learn how to use it, and my phone is cheap and doesn’t take great photos… But when I have a better setup, I’ll be perpared!

Marcie - 15. Mai 2018 Reply

I need to get better about doing self-portraits with a tripod.

Alyssa Dawson - 15. Mai 2018 Reply

I am so bad at taking self-portraits, but I’m so trying this!! Thank you!

Apoorva - 15. Mai 2018 Reply

thanks for the quick tips. your images are perfect.

Kristin - 15. Mai 2018 Reply

So many selfies come out badly it would be a good idea to learn how to take good photos for the blog.

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