Traveling to Sao Miguel – Azores

Traveling to Azores - last paradise on earth!

Discover one of the most beautiful islands in the world - islands of Azores! Corvo and Flores in the west, Graciosa, Sao Jorge, Pico, Faial and Terceira in the middle and Sao Miguel and Santa Maria in the east. I visited Sao Miguel in February 2018 and was amazed by this island!

Here are some good reasons to visit Sao Miguel:


1. The weather on Azores is never too cold or too warm...

but it´s always changing... It can be very cloudy and windy and all of a sudden the sun shines again. After the short rain, there is always a rainbow! Have a look at these clouds in this short time lapse video.

2. The nature is amazing!

I could sit forever on this wild cliffs of Capelas and watch sunset, while waves are breaking. Never felt more freedom and energy at the same time. You can walk from Capelas to Santo Antonio and take tons of photos with beautiful flowers in the foreground and birds in the sky. 

3. It´s easy and safe to travel around on Azores!

I love to travel solo! But as a solo traveling woman I think always first about my safety and after that about adventure. Sao Miguel is very safe and easy to travel. People are friendly and give helpful tips.

I love to travel solo and be independent!

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You can go around by bus, just ask the bus driver at the bus station, when you should go to your destination and when will the last bus go back. I took also a taxi to get to Sete Cidadas and Furnas to stay longer there. The costs are about 35 € / hour, but you are independent and can stay longer in a nice location.

4. Here is photographer´s heaven on earth!

Of course you want to take some pictures! The best time is in winter, because there are only few tourists and you have all those crater lakes, abandoned places, forests, birds and cows for you alone!

You will find 5 photography tips for travel addicts in this video below! Let me know in the comments, if they were helpful on your trip to Azores!

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