Do you want to be successful on Instagram & get paid for your awesome posts?

Learn how to make great self-portraits and how to get more followers!

This video is just a sneak peak of a couple of self-portraits, that I´ve done completely on my own in 10 minutes! Soon you will be able to do the same easily!

If you want to get paid for ad´s on Instagram and work with travel and fashion brands, you have to take

your "Selfie-Pill"

Selfie Pill pic

 and go

from this  

Selfie Pills mirror

to this  

Selfie three quarter

"To travel is to live!"

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I´m about to reveal an online course called "Selfie-Pill" to help you 

- take better self-portraits

- build your future on Instagram and

- get more followers and customers! 

Why You'll Love This Course:


I started my Instagram account right after...

I learned how to make self-portraits without help of my friends. I wish to quit my stressful job one day and travel the world!

With many actionable tips in bonuses of this course I had my first 100 followers within 1 day and a lot of likes! 

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Selfie Pill Isabella




First I thought, it is not the right the course for me!

"With my Instagram account I want to inspire other women to travel, to wear beautiful dresses, to have fun and be independent. That would make me happy. I love to travel and take pictures, but I am not a professional photographer!

In this course I learned, I don´t have to be a pro-photographer to make outstanding portraits! And it was fun to do the exercises! 

Selfie Pill Marly 1



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