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Visit Berlin 2018!

Visit Berlin - Charlottenburg 2018!

Welcome to Berlin - capital city of Germany - city of freedom!

One of my favorite places is Charlottenburg with its beautiful park for walking and relaxing. Have a look at this short video and then ... stop watching videos - go explore the world!

Ich bin ein Berliner! 

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Traveling to Sao Miguel – Azores

Traveling to Azores - last paradise on earth!

Discover one of the most beautiful islands in the world - islands of Azores! Corvo and Flores in the west, Graciosa, Sao Jorge, Pico, Faial and Terceira in the middle and Sao Miguel and Santa Maria in the east. I visited Sao Miguel in February 2018 and was amazed by this island!

Here are some good reasons to visit Sao Miguel:

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5 Cappadocia panorama

Should you visit Cappadocia?

As I told my friends, I´ll go to Cappadocia, they asked me: "You go WHERE? Never heard of it!" Two months before I would say the same... But then I saw beautiful pictures on instagram and it was immediately on my bucket list! Let´s find out, if Cappadocia is the right place for you!

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