Should you visit Cappadocia?

As I told my friends, I´ll go to Cappadocia, they asked me: "You go WHERE? Never heard of it!" Two months before I would say the same... But then I saw beautiful pictures on instagram and it was immediately on my bucket list! Let´s find out, if Cappadocia is the right place for you!


Where is Cappadocia located?

Cappadocia is a part of the Anatolian Region of Turkey, with its hills and unusual rock formation located between the volcanic mountains Erciyes, Melendiz and Hasan. The nearest airport is in Kayseri, about 1 hour by taxi from the village Göreme.

Cappadocia Tree

Is it always warm and sunny?

If you look at my pictures here and on my instagram profile, you may think, it was warm enough to wear beautiful dresses and summer shirts... Sorry, but I have to disappoint you! In summer there are over 30 ° C , but in November there are about 3 - 12 ° C! The most of the time I was in my winter coat, but I took it off for photos. Nevertheless I had so much fun in the sun and this amazing playground!

Cappadocia museum

Where to stay in Cappadocia?

That is a really difficult question! I decided to spend a week in the central Cappadocia, in the small village Göreme with Uchisar and Ortahisar only 4 - 5 km away. You don´t need a car there and can walk around for hours. I can recommend Artemis Cave Suites, if you want to have a nice view over Göreme, comfortable rooms, friendly staff (especially Reza), delicious breakfast and sweet cats (I love the black one!)

Cappadocia cat

Cappadocia cat

What to do in this surrealistic place?

That is a really easy question! First of all HIKING! You can just follow the big and small paths around valleys and discover every 5 minutes a completely new amazing landscape. Don´t forget to take a ton of photos and videos of this fairy Chimneys. I was hiking in the Pigeon Valley near Uchisar and through Rose Valley. 

Don´t miss to fly on a hot air balloon, Cappadocia is famous for this! Even if you are afraid of the heights (like me), just do it! It was such a special birthday for me, and I felt safe and happy with Air Cappadocia Balloons. 

Cappadocia mountains

Still don´t know ...?

... if you should go to Cappadocia? Other + points: the food is yammi, the people are friendly to solotraveler-women, you can find new friends, if you want, Stars Wars film location, beautiful horses and squad rides, hidden christian churches and idyllic landscapes everywhere! 

Watch this Video and then... book your flight to Kayseri!

After this trip you will be travel addicted! Maybe you are already... Let´s find out!

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Amber Alexander - 3. Dezember 2017 Reply

I’d love to visit Turkey. I’ve heard of cave suites and staying in one is on my bucket list. Thank you for this great write up! It looks like so much fun.

Adrienne - 3. Dezember 2017 Reply

Cappadocia looks incredible! Kudos to you for traveling here despite some negativity from others. The only way to get over stereotypes of a place is to see it for yourself and share your experience! 🙂

Max - 4. Dezember 2017 Reply

Woah! I had also heard of Cappadocia through Instagram, but hadn’t really thought of visiting ‚til now. I’m glad there’s lots more to do there than just hot air balloons, and I’m glad you had a great birthday! But count me in for when it gets a bit warmer. 🙂

Brianne - 4. Dezember 2017 Reply

Love this post and your photos! Cappadocia sounds like an amazing place to visit. I’d love to experience (when it’s a bit warmer).

Kemal - 27. April 2018 Reply

be my gf :3

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